A flavorful all-day sipper with the mild and clean characteristics of a Fair Trade Organic Mundo Novo of the Chiapas region in Mexico (1200-1750 MASL): Notably slight lemon, praline and almond. We added enough Papua New Guinea Arusha variety from the Wahgi Valley region in the Western Highlands (1500-1800 MASL) to provide an edge of sweet and savory tartness with slight rich chocolate notes to finish. In all walks of life and in all seasons of life, whether at work or at play, there are circumstances or events that must be persevered. We have all experienced the joy of completion. There is also joy to be had in the struggles and in the process of accomplishment. This blend is a nod to those who are resolved to see it through to victory, as well as a beverage to be enjoyed during the setbacks and times of reflection on a daunting task that has been overcome.

Our Signature Blend of Medium Mexican Chiapas & Dark Papua New Guinea

Savory-tart and rich, peppery-chocolate notes. Lemon, praline, almond and sweet graham cracker flavors. An all-day sipper with clean & smooth characteristics.


Not all farms show up on the radar of large coffee companies. We love finding these small farms that are often off the beaten path with unique, flavorful coffees to share. These special, small lots are the backbone for this vibrant, seasonally-rotating blend.