May the celebration of freedom ring from coast to coast!  With great sacrifice we have been the beneficiary of our forefather’s vision for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  From our fighting men and women at the guard to a freely-armed citizenry at the home– we salute the commitment and bravery with this Peru Cajamarca in organic light.  Bright, round and lemon citrus notes; buttery-caramel, tart apple sweetness and juicy flavors.  We hold these truths outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  We will raise a worthy cup to a worthy cause!


Bright, round and lemon citrus notes. Buttery-caramel, tart apple sweetness and juicy flavors.

Peru – Lima, Cajamarca, Microlot, Organic – Washed


Not all farms show up on the radar of large coffee companies. We love finding these small farms that are often off the beaten path with unique, flavorful coffees to share. These special, small lots are the backbone for this vibrant, seasonally-rotating blend.