33 AD

No… this coffee is not ancient or from that era.  It is a humble contribution to honor a time that changed everything for all of mankind.  It is not equal to or remotely close to its significance, but very enjoyable to sip while reflecting on its importance.  Floral, sweet, full and rich; buttery-smooth, savory and nutty with a crisp, citrus finish.  The Word of Truth is better than coffee, but now you have a cup to consider it.  Start at Genesis 1:1


Floral, sweet, full and rich notes. Buttery-smooth with a clean citrus finish.

Sumatra – Aceh, Harimau Tiger – Wet-Hulled Processed


Not all farms show up on the radar of large coffee companies. We love finding these small farms that are often off the beaten path with unique, flavorful coffees to share. These special, small lots are the backbone for this vibrant, seasonally-rotating blend.