1776 has been a rallying cry for American patriots since our freedom was won at that time.  It is a year that embodies patriots, freedom, liberty and resistance to tyranny.  To that we raise a hot cup of “Don’t Tread on Me!”  This organic medium dark is bold, smoky and full-bodied with nut and rich toffee flavors.   As an American, it is already in our blood.  The only thing better than saying 1776 is drinking 1776.  Tastes like freedom.  


Smoky, full-bodied notes. Nut and rich toffee flavors.

Guatemala – Regional Select, Huehuetenango, Quetzal, Organic – Washed


Not all farms show up on the radar of large coffee companies. We love finding these small farms that are often off the beaten path with unique, flavorful coffees to share. These special, small lots are the backbone for this vibrant, seasonally-rotating blend.