From the nuclear family to the brotherhoods forged in time and trial, the sense of kin and belonging has been a bedrock of thriving civilizations.  We raise a strong cup to recognize this cultural and biblical truth, rooted in the fact that we are all made in the image of our Creator.  Smoky, sweet and full-bodied notes; baked fruit flavors with a dark chocolate finish– a classic in the cup, a classic in truth.  We are kin.


Smoky, sweet and full-bodied notes. Baked fruit flavors with a dark chocolate finish.

Peru – Lima, Cajamarca, Microlot – Washed


Not all farms show up on the radar of large coffee companies. We love finding these small farms that are often off the beaten path with unique, flavorful coffees to share. These special, small lots are the backbone for this vibrant, seasonally-rotating blend.